Sample Use Cases

Try out these compelling samples of real personalized voice messages that were sent through our system as text and converted to voice in our clients voice!

Market: Real Estate

Subject: Home in foreclosure

Scenario: This Realtor developed a list of homes in the area that were in foreclosure and had enough equity that they would be prime investment opportunities. There are 50 of these prospects that need to be called. He constructed a personalized text message that says exactly what he wants to leave each prospect as a Ringless VoiceDrop. Calling 50 prospects and hoping to leave voicemail consistently is next to impossible. Even with a call center, this task could take a fair amount of time and labor. And, If he didn’t get the conversion that he was hoping for with the ringless voicemail, he can send them all a followup message in a voice text!

This voice message took minutes to construct as text and all 50 clients receive their Personalized message with a click of a button! Each of the 50 contacts receive the same message but with their name, their address and the time and date all customized:

Market: Automotive

Subject: Vehicle Interest

Scenario: This prospect was looking at trucks on the dealer’s website. We know this because the website reported the lead to the CRM. The prospect gave her name and phone number but didn’t answer emails that were sent automatically to follow up.There are 230 of these prospects that need to be called. A pre-constructed personalized text message that inserts a reference to the vehicle on the website that they spent the most time looking at also invites each prospect to visit the dealership and automatically mentions to take advantage of that weeks sale. The personalized message goes out to all 230 prospects as a Ringless VoiceDrop. Can you imagine your BDC department having to look at the clients browsing interest, checking the inventory for relevant vehicles and formulating a message incorporating the sale and calling 230 of these prospects?

This voice message took minutes to construct as text and all 230 clients can receive it with a click of a button! Each of the 230 people get the customized message mentioning their name, the current time and date that the message went out to them, the reference to the vehicle that they were interested in, and the relative stock inventory:

Notice the intentional misspeaks, natural numeric speech and background noise! 100% Synthetic! And sounds just like the real person!!

Calling each manager would take away a great deal of Jim’s time and knowing it was Jim calling, each manager would likely answer the phone. The assistant could simply type the personalized message, and send it as a Ringless VoiceDrop to each manager.

Market: Business

Subject: Personal Thank You

Scenario: As the CEO of a medium size factory, when Jim Barlow calls his 15 senior managers to say “thank you” for a job well done, he lets his managers know that the hard work that they are doing is appreciated.

He could have his office assistant send a text or an email but incorporating the specific contributions for each manager and making the thank you seem personal and genuine would be challenging. His office manager admits that she is terrible at disguising her voice to sound like Jim’s.

Jim is too busy and doesn’t want to disrupt production by calling all 15 managers personally.

This voice message took minutes for Jim’s office assistant to construct as text and all 15 managers can receive it with a click of a button! Each of the 15 managers hear their name, reference their specific area of responsibility and their specific contribution:

Market: Dentist Office

Subject: Follow Up

Scenario: With 1 office manager on staff, Bright Star dentistry, just doesn’t have time to follow up with 20 patients per day to make them feel like they are being cared for. Every dentist facility now days will text a followup.

Calling each patient and relating to their specific visit would be challenging and time consuming. Not to mention, more than a few of the patients would love to tell Cindi all about their grand kids and that new puppy that they just got.


This voice message took minutes to construct as text and all 20 patients got a personalized call that mentioned the procedure that they received and when their next appointment is. No button to push this time, the CRM runs the follow up message after each patients visit! Here’s the message:

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