NEW! DropMyVoice Tools API

The Tools You Want – For The Things You Do With GoHighLevel Or Any Other CRM


Our Flagship product just got better because we made it into an API that you can easily use with just about anything!

You simply send the text that you want converted to human sounding voice our API does the rest!

We use Eleven Labs for perfectly human sounding voices!  You don’t need Eleven Labs to use our API but hey, its FREE so click here to sign up for an Eleven Labs Account!

Want to know more about our Text-to-Voice API? 

Naturally Spoken Text Conversion API

What good is spoken text if it’s not spoken like a human would speak it?

Maybe you have our Text-to-Voice software or you prefer to use another.  Either way, you probably noticed that most things in text are interpreted by the text-to-voice tools, exactly how they are written.

With our Naturally Spoken API, you can convert text containing Addresses, abbreviations for streets, states and names or telephone numbers, currency and dates exactly like you would speak them.

Language Translation Tool API

Translate text from one of 127 different languages to any other of a 127 different languages on the fly, right out of your CRM!

This powerful API will allow you to communicate in one language and have it go out to your prospects and contacts in their language.

It will also allow people to text and email you in their language and convert that to your language.

Ringless Voicemail API

Want to send ringless voicemails easily right from your CRM?  This tool allows you to easily interface with your contacts and drop any audio file right into their voicemail.

You simply point our API to your audio file, tell it which phone number you want to drop the voicemail to and which phone number you want the contact to reply to. 

This too eliminates the need to build separate campaigns in 3rd party software or import spreadsheets etc.

PropStream Sandwich API

If you have ever wanted to merge PropStream exported files and PropStream skip-trace files, then you probably know it is not easy and it is very time-consuming.

We just made that whole process simple and automatic!

Not only do we accurately merge the data for you, but we also filter the DNC numbers and automatically import the contact with their data into your GoHighLevel CRM!

Don’t have PropStream yet? Click Here for a 7 day trial!