Every question ever asked will show up here!

Yeah, well we have some questions…

Q: What if I sign up for a subscription, pay, and then I find out that it's just not for me?

Obviously, this means that you were too lazy to actually use Drop My Voice to follow up on your contact base!  LOL But, seriously, just cancel if your not using it. 

Q: What happens if my contact reply's to my voicemail?

Thats a really good thing isn’t it?  Yeah, well you will get the reply on whatever phone number you linked it to.  Then, you could have a conversation!  You can also mention what number to call you back on if you want something different.

Q: If I'm a "Beta" tester do I get the 50% discount forever?

Well, we do value our beta testers!  But, unfortunately its only going to buy you 12 months discount.  Anything more than that would drive us buggy.  But hey, thanks for testing and be sure to pay attention because if you contributed during this beta cycle, we are likely to call on you for the next and you will save big buck again!

Q: So is ringless voicemail even legal?

Yep, sure is!  Its kinda sneaky right? So, we get why you asked that question!

Q: How is this compatible with "ANY" CRM?

We know… It sounds CRAZY but the way that our system works, once you are authenticated as a subscriber, all that you have to do is send a formatted email and viola!   Your email message is turned into  a human voice via AI and it could be YOUR voice.  Then, your voice message is sent to SMS or Ringless VoiceMail.  We make it simple for you but our techs are pulling their hair out!